What We Offer:

Classes and trainings, workshops, presentations, group facilitation, consultations for parents,  teachers, families, schools, corporate executives and individuals.  For more information and details about each of their services, please check out With Pause or contact them at connect@withpause.com .





Upcoming Classes by With Pause


Intro to Mindfulness

Learn how taking pause can shift your experiences.  Life becomes a little more clear and a lot less chaotic.  Bring it to work, to your parenting, to your relationships.  This is an introduction on awareness as a gateway to change.  Walk away with three simple (not necessarily easy) tips to bring pause into your life.

When:     Wednesday, January 17th from 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Cost:        FREE

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Parenting with Pause: 3 hour workshop

A deeper dive into your inner experience and understanding the connection between thinking, feeling and actions.  This 3 hour workshop will give you first hand experience on how to integrate awareness into your life and the neuroscience behind it. Begin clearing the way for a mindful approach for conscious parenting.

When:     Saturday, January 24th from 9am – noon

Cost:        $75/ person or $100/couple

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Parenting with Pause: 6 week series

A mindful approach for conscious parenting. Uncover the skills you already have to start you on this parenting journey. Practices to help navigate the varying emotions that arise and techniques to support developmental stages of your child. You will become aware of the triggers that impact your parenting style, learn how your inner experience affects your parenting.

When:     Wednesdays – February 25-April 1st from 6:30-8:30 (Class begins at 7pm)

Cost:        $150/ person or $200/couple

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