Renee Metty has over 20 years experience working with children in a variety of settings.  She has a M.Ed in Early Childhood Education as well as a M.Ed in Special Education from Boston College and a degree in Business Administration from St. Joseph’s University.  As a former preschool teacher in Boston, as well as teaching middle school special education and  kindergarten and 1st grade in Seattle, she believes that a child’s first experiences in a school setting are paramount to their future success.    She saw that the most important attributes in acquiring a love for learning were a stable social and emotional base, self-regulation and the ability to believe in oneself.  Fostering a sense of slow education and learning by using mindfulness techniques, Montessori inspiration and design thinking strategies during their early learning experience is an essential piece of The Cove ways.  She ensures these experiences are fun, exciting and create value for the children so they can find their unique contribution.  Renee is also one of the founders of the West Seattle Preschool Association.  She is a Certified Positive Discipline Educator as well as a candidate for Certified Mindful Schools Facilitator.  She is continually learning herself and furthering her education.  She stays abreast on the different ways children learn and develop.  She loves the ocean,  hiking, camping, being outdoors and her new acquired love for the Pacific Northwest combines them all.  She does miss the sun terribly and the east coast culture.


Facilitators at The Cove School have at least a four-year college degree or are working towards their degree. They are also certified in CPR and first aid. In addition, the facilitator team has received training in the the various learning models and approaches.  Facilitators receive ongoing training, supervision, assistance and support from the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Head of School.  The Cove School facilitators participate in regular professional development activities throughout the calendar year. These activities are scheduled to minimize their absence from the classroom. If a facilitator is absent for professional or a personal reason, The Cove School has a regular substitute facilitator. The substitute has also received specialized training in the learning methods and approaches we use and is a familiar figure to the children.