Every child in this program has an opportunity to build and find their unique contribution and authentic self.

We believe in a brighter future.
We believe in gratitude + presence + creativity.
We believe that kind, engaged, authentic children grow into amazing adults – who will build that brighter future.

And we believe that preschool can help nurture those fantastic little people.

(For the record, we also believe in really fun games + singing and dancing + a whole lot of play)

At The Cove School, our desire to create a better future guides every decision we make. We believe that change begins with children and families and their success stems from their belief.  So, that better future  we’re after begins with social and emotional learning.  We guide children through mindfulness, the creative process, and embrace their natural curiosity. We engage and ignite the spirit while providing opportunities for exploration and experiences that create and support 21st century skills.

We work hard to create a habitat of happiness and purpose in an environment filled with innovation, abundance, and intention.
(and puppets)


Want to see our mission and vision in action?
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