There are several payment options for tuition.  There is a 5% discount for those choosing to pay monthly in advance, 3 payments by February or pay the full tuition at the beginning of the year.  The discount for families with multiple children enrolled the same year is 10%.  Applies to 2nd and 4th child.

Preschool tuition 2017


Program Options for AM or PM

2 day (Tuesday/Thursday)

3 day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

5 day (Monday – Friday)

Junior Kindergarten (Monday-Friday AM only)

Jr. K eligibility is only for children turning 5 between June 15-December 31st and has only a 5 day option one of which is a Forest Kindergarten Day spent outdoors.




8:30-11:30                                Children age 2.5 – 3 on August 31st

8:30-12:00                               Children age 3-5 by August 31st

12:30-4:00                                Children ages 3-5 by August 31st

8:30-12:30                                Children turn 5 between June 15-December 31


Non refundable one time application fee: $60
Non refundable yearly registration fee:     $100
Non refundable yearly student activity fee:    $200