Here at The Cove, we believe that each and every child can (and should!) grow into an excited, passion-filled, self-determined grown up.  We also know that each person has a unique contribution to make.  Using diverse educational approaches, a whole lot of love, and the guiding light of our seven defining values, we’ve created a place where children can thrive.

The seven values that define The Cove School?


Being aware and present helps students focus and appreciate life – both in school and out. Using the 5 domains of social and emotional learning and a focus on breath and breathing, our children learn about body awareness, integration of mind, body + soul.


Negotiation, compromise, sharing – all skills that go into building good relationships.  And really, people who are good at relationships are good at life. The grown ups at The Cove School model good relationships with each other and the children by teaching respect, empathy, and kindness.  Children learn how to have a conversation, how to help others, and how to ask (politely!) to have their wants/needs met.


Perhaps consideration for others and calm graciousness is not a quality you’d expect to see in preschoolers, but we believe grace can be learned even at this early age.  We model grace through compassionate conflict resolution, never-ending patience, and calmly dealing with life in the classroom.


What makes you happiest?  What comes easily and with joy?  Children have amazing, instinctive passion and a natural curiosity about the world around them – and we grown ups can  get in the way of all that exploration by imposing a few too many parameters.  We help our children explore what brings them joy and recognize those moments of “Hey!  I like this!  And I’m good at it!”


The courage to stand up for what you believe in.  To forge a path – personally and professionally – that’s right for you.  To say “no” – and mean it.  When our children share their own ideas at circle time, build confidence through (safe!) risk taking, and learn to value their own opinions, they’re getting ready to step into the world, bravely.


Of course we teach our little ones the importance of sharing!  But generosity is more than letting a friend play blocks with you.  It’s sharing knowledge + helping those in need.  Through modeling, interactive games, and roleplaying, our children learn to give.  We encourage them when we notice them being generous and talk about contributing our time and talents.


Childhood is fraught with temptations and boundary-pushing, so we teach our children that honesty is always, always, always the best policy.  Through stories and real-time situations our children learn the importance of integrity. They learn about taking responsibility and that their actions always have consequence

Together, we help our children navigate these important first years of life and become the totally amazing adults they’re meant to be.

Want to see our values in action?  
Stop by for a tour and we’d be happy to show you around!